Deal : Now Buy a Moto 360 Sport For Only $199

Motorola’s latest fitness wearable Android powered gear now costs only $199 in all popular online markets. The actual pricing of the device is $299, but now you can grab the gadget for only $199 from Motorola website, Amazon and B&H Photo. That means you will get a discount of $100 for the purchase of new Moto 360 Sport. The offer is valid only till May 2.


Moto 360 Sport is an Android Wear smartwatch and, as such, we should give you our verdict on how Google’s wearable OS performs on it. Prepare yourself for a big shock… it’s more or less the same as it is on every other AW device. The Moto 360 Sport packs a 300mAh battery, which is good for a full day’s regular use. Turn on GPS, however, and it will take a hammering. Saying that, we’ve had the 360 Sport fully charged in the morning, used it throughout the day, gone for a GPS tracked run of around an hour, and still had enough juice to last until bed time.


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