Deal: Buy one phone from AT&T and get the second one for free.

Last last year AT&T announced a special sale which gave people the opportunity to buy a phone and get another smartphone for free from AT&T. That offer included the smartphones like Samsung Galaxy S6 , iPhone 6s or any other phone. It seems that this year that offer is back.

There are several new phone in the offer for you to select. This year you can choose between Samsung galaxy S7, S6 active, Galaxy S6, LG G5 , LG V10. You can choose between these phones and get yourself a free phone. This offer is even more interesting for people who love Samsung smart phones because on buying a Samsung smartphone you can also buy a Samsung gear S2 or Classic S2 for just $50.

This offer has a number of terms involved. First the phone you buy can be an upgrade but the free phone must be a new line. Second the phone must be from the same manufacture. It should be noted that you will have to pay full price for the free phone initially. What happens is that after 3 bill cycles or fewer AT&T will spread out the price for the phone over monthly bills until you have paid the price. For further information you can visit AT&T website.

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