Bulk SMS vs Ringless Voicemail Drops

“Standard messaging and data rates may apply”. The dreaded seven words that almost always prompt you to delete a newly received text message usually preceded by an appointment reminder or a severe weather warning that’s quickly forgotten.

Sure, sending out a bulk SMS may sound breezy and convenient, but is it truly the best way to communicate pertinent information with your customers or clients? Any business owner knows that having easy to access information and an open line of communication is majorly advantageous to keeping your patrons satisfied.

Bulk messaging certainly has its appeal, since it’s most commonly used by companies to quickly relay new and vital information in a succinct manner. But there’s an even better option out there.

How does ringless voicemail work?

A ringless voicemail has all the convenience of a bulk text, but with the added capacity to provide even more information, even faster. Investing in ringless voicemails will save you and your consumers precious time spent doing anything other than waiting for the person on the other end to pick up the phone. 

With ringless voicemail software, you can send a message directly to the voicemail box of a client without causing their phone to ring. Then, when they have the opportunity to check their phone, your message will be waiting behind that little red notification.

It is far less pushy than if you were to call them outright. They have the option of when to listen to your voicemail and get back to you at their convenience, and they won’t be forced or pressured into making any hasty decisions just to be able to get off the phone a little sooner. 

Benefits of ringless voicemail

Text messages can only convey a limited amount of information before the reader loses interest. However, your voicemail will provide them with the necessary information, in a faster and more concise way without the need for external links or a phone call at a later time. Of course, you can provide a callback number should the occasion arise, but for the most part, you can express any concerns that may pertain to the listener without having to worry about a character limit.

Additionally, having all the crucial material in one place will help your customer, should they need to go back and review some of the messages that were left. It can sometimes be difficult to remember exactly which prompts were followed for the first time in order to get where they needed to be. 

A voice message may even help you to build rapport with your clientele. They may very well appreciate the personal touch that a recorded message (voiced by another person) can hold compared to an anonymous, black-and-white text. For some, the voiced message might even be easier to follow and comprehend than trying to decipher the wording and meaning in a short text.   

So then, what’s the best way to leave a ringless voicemail? Companies such as Stratics Networks make it really easy. All you need to do is provide some basic information to create an account, select the service(s) that you think will work best for you, and start a faster line of communication with your clients.

What type of messages are you looking to leave? Unlimited ringless voicemails for a variety of reasons or more targeted alerts for a political center? You have the option of paying per voicemail, or a flat monthly rate for unlimited use.

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