ASUS plans to launch Zenfone 4 series in May

ASUS is currently on the Zenfone 3 smartphone series in Market, with the latest device Zenfone 3 Zoom announced two weeks back in CES 2017. The device will launch on the market in February. Unlike every time, ASUS is planning to launch the next generation in Zenfone series, Zenfone 4 smartphones as early in this May.

The plan has officially announced by Jerry Shen this week, and the early launching of Zenfone 4 is to increase the sales in 2017 rapidly. According to reports, ASUS is aiming to ship over 20 Million units in this year itself, whereas they sold only 17.5 Million smartphone units in 2016 wich is par below their target.

ASUS will add more better hardware specification on their next gen smartphones with better value-for-money. The early decision from ASUS to launch Zenfone 4 devices in second quarter of 2017 will help them achieve maximum sales target in 2017.


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