Andy Rubin reportedly coming back with ‘Essential’ to compete Android and Apple Inc.

It’s been more than three years since the Android’s creator Andy Rubin left the Google. Now, the reports say that Rubin is returning to the Smartphone competing market, which he helped to brought up.

According to reports, Andy Rubin is currently working on series of consumer electronics including smartphones with new Operating System platform with Artifical Intelligence-Integrated hardware platform. The patent file application by Andy Rubin on 2015, which denotes to “manufacturing of Smartphones, tablets, accessories and mobile operating system” strengthen the report. The new company will be called as “Essential” and Andy Rubin would be the CEO. His crew members, 40 people are recruited from Apple and Google where he used to work before, including former Apple managers, former Google senior Software manager, etc.

According to Bloomberg, the company is working on a new pair of devices which all works by supporting each other like Home Automation, Personal Assistant and smartphones. The high-end thin-bezel smartphone has been popped up as a discussion in Las Vegas CES 2017. He also discussed with many US Wireless Carriers regarding his new smartphones.

Andy Rubin – the man who ignited the fire of smartphone revolution through his Android Operating System says that the new computing platforms will emerge in every 10-12 year interval and now, next this going to happen. He states that the next generation Smartphone and Desktop computing needs AI which could understand us and learn how to act according to the situation.

Andy Rubin’s upcoming “Essential” based smartphone will be priced almost near to Apple iPhone 7 Plus and will have a competence power to withstand or even defeat the market rulers. The Company had already been in meeting with Foxconn and investors like HP to bring it forward very soon, maybe we could see at least a prototype on MWC this year.


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