Android O to be named as ‘Oatmeal Cookie’ ?

Google has announced the Android version 8.0 starting with Alphabet ‘O’ back in March. Since then, Google has been releasing the Developer Preview versions of the OS for developers to test, report and develop on their own. It has been widely spreader that the Android O would be named as Android Oreo. Some reported “Omelette” too. Anyways, now a new hint from internal source code suggest a new name.

You would not actually be more specific or comfortable with the newly emerged supposed name – Oatmeal Cookie. The hint was actually found by ‘Myce’. They said to be found that some hidden shortcodes in Source Code do resemble the name Oatmeal Cookie. Google has used OC-DEV several times and OC-MR1 in one place points to the short form of Oatmeal Cookie for sure. The name “Oatmeal Cookie” was also spotted in a slide skidded in this year’s I/O Conference in between a source code screenshot image. So the doubt makes sense.

At the same time, I’d we look onto the Alphabet’s Android version enumeration pattern, we could find that the company is prior no more to use hardly pronounceable phrases and long words. If we consider the Android N, some reports claimed that the Android version was spotted to have named as Newyork Cheesecake but internally. Later in polls, South Indian dessert/food item “Neyyappam” did take the first place. In the very end, Google has named it as “Nougat” which has got only lesser attention during discussions on the tech world. So, the newly found keyword “Oatmeal Cookie” must be an internal codename, and the Android O is expecting to be Oreo for sure. I repeat, consider Oatmeal Cookie as internal name and don’t leave the “Oreo” concept at least it makes the official debut.

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