Android N will be enabled for Force Touch capabilities

Based on the features of new Android N developer preview 2, it is reportedly says that the next OS version from Google, Android n will feature a Force touch capacity, which is similar to the Apple’s 3D touch introduced in Apple iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus. As the developer previews are unveiling some clues about the unnamed Android N, the OS is expected to be released on Google I/O Annual Developer conference, which is scheduled to be held on May 18th to May 20th at Mountain View.

By the test results from the Nova Launcher developer Kevin Barry, he got some new features and capabilities of Android N to be enabled with gesture support, which is almost similar to the 3D-touch.

From the Google’s documentation given as Android N support notes :

Dynamic shortcuts and pinned shortcuts

;An application can publish shortcuts with setDynamicShortcuts(List) and addDynamicShortcut(ShortcutInfo). There can be at most getMaxDynamicShortcutCount() number of dynamic shortcuts at a time from the same application. A dynamic shortcut can be deleted with deleteDynamicShortcut(String), and apps can also use deleteAllDynamicShortcuts() to delete all dynamic shortcuts.

The shortcuts that are currently published by the above APIs are called “dynamic”, because they can be removed by the creator application at any time. The user may “pin” dynamic shortcuts on Launcher to make “pinned” shortcuts. Pinned shortcuts cannot be removed by the creator app. An application can obtain all pinned shortcuts from itself with getPinnedShortcuts(). Applications should keep the pinned shortcut information up-to-date using updateShortcuts(List).

The number of pinned shortcuts does not affect the number of dynamic shortcuts that can be published by an application at a time. No matter how many pinned shortcuts that Launcher has for an application, the application can still always publish getMaxDynamicShortcutCount() number of dynamic shortcuts.

The force touch capability support on Android N is seems to have more probability to come official, because some of the companies like Huawei has been entered into the Force touch gesture displays. If it will, the upcoming Nexus devices will have the Hardware capabilities for supporting the 3D-Touch gesture, for make out a unique Android experience. Also the Nova Launcher will make use of it.

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