Android N to be focused on VR Platforms


Android has arrived to the tech world as just a Smartphone OS, firstly. Google gone far away than everyone thinks about how an OS should be. They made the Android to work with even small circuits to giant machineries. Transformation in performance and Interface for Android is growing from a version to next, and it continues between each versions. The upcoming Android N is said to be in such an evolution, but having a large change from its previous versions. The Developer Preview version 2, which released few days ago has been revealed more things about the upcoming, unnamed Android N. One of them was the Force Touch capability, which has been reported earlier. Now it is reportedly says that the Android N may have large backsupport for VR and would become useful for VR platforms itself.

The second Developer Preview for Android N includes a ‘VR Helper Services’, which acts as an API intermediate for working VR apps better with thhe device. Users can enable or Disable each App’s VR assistant acces fron settings panel. The VR Helper Services calims that the VR enabled App can run When You are using Apps in Virtual Reality mode. May be scrolling between apps and option in an app would be possible through a VR headset.

As currntly Google have only Cardboard App and Hardware for making VR experience, the VR Helper Services would be mainkly helpful for OEMs and also Google may push out some new product for VR. Also a new Hardware flag consisted in Android N, “config_sustainedPerformanceModeSupported” hints to a Sustained Performance Mode, which makes stability for Apps while running in 3D environments, which is lacked in SoCs currently. This mode will also helps the device as well as the OS to run apps on VR environments smoothly. This could be beneficial for Gaming too.

Nowadays, most of the OEMs are creeping towards VR Headset, even Huawei from China announced their first VR headset yesterday. Now it seems like Google is also getting ready to make a VR Headset, which is unclear that whether it will be a Stand Alone model or Phone supported Hardware. More revealing about Android N Developer Preview 2 will be here, stay tuned.


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