5 Tips for the Best Couple Photography

Good picture creates magic and says a lot about you and your partner. So no matter what you think about your relationship, don’t forget to capture it. It always mesmerizing to go back to live your moments when you see those pictures. Pictures become more evaluable with passing moments. We‘ll help you get best couple photograph with help of these few tips and tricks.

  1. Natural photo

A picture looks perfect when it reflects the natural bond between the two people. Posing not always brings out the best photo. So try to keep it natural and engaging yourself in a talk for a while or genuinely having fun will make your picture much vibrant and good to look into. When going for a portrait mode, expressions are the key to a good portrait. Try different expressions and see what suits you both best. You can add an ounce of extra finishing touch with RetouchMe photo editing app and exhibit the perfect look you always wanted.

  1. Portraits

The picture doesn’t need to be taken every time you look into the lens. A good photo can be captured while you ate intimate close or you are putting an arm around your partner or even holding hands. It doesn’t have to look cheesy but it should not remove focus from you and your relationship warmth.

  1. Give a theme to your photoshoot

It’s an emerging trend where common interest or hobbies or even your work profile work as a theme in planning a photo shoot. It could be anything like cooking, in the gym, gaming, painting dancing or anything you both enjoy or like to indulge in. Be creative and experiment with options as your background or props or even your costume.

  1. Photo in motion

Try to capture moments in motions like walking hand in hand with your partner in an open garden or in a palace but for these type of shots keep in mind to take plenty of them. The reason being that your legs and arm movements may not come in sync every time with each and may look awkward in photos. So by taking more than one picture, you can choose the best one.

  1. Proper lighting

A proper light can make or mar your picture. Make sure that you are facing light in a direct or indirect way. Having a picture at the time of sunrise or sunset and an hour around it will give a warm hue to your picture and would look more intimate. So make use of these two opportunities the most.

  1. A good outfit

A good coordinating style for both of you can add a lot to your picture.  Try to coordinate your color of outfit, dressing style and do it according to the location and your body type too. Wear properly fitted clothes; don’t go for ill-fitted or baggy clothes. If you are matching colors with your partner or family, then choose pastel shades, don’t overdo it.

  1. Location

Choosing a spot which is close to your heart or has many memories attached to it will make your picture more memorable and valuable for future. Just make that spot your background and let it do the talking.

Adding a finishing touch with some retouch and editing will make your photo shoot a treasured thing for a lifetime. So go ahead and start making photos!!

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