Now skip 10seconds in YouTube video streaming with a double tap, seconds asthis feature is rolled out for iOS and android app version of the YouTube. The feature includes the skipping of videos forward and backwards seconds as with 10 increments or decrement  by tapping on right and left of the display. As default gesture is set to double which skips 10 seconds and you can increase the count by tapping triple (20s)and quadruple (30s) .

Google has been working on fast forward and rewind for some time and first signs of the development was seen in 2015, with double arrow buttons that appeared in the video playback controls for YouTube Red subscribers. The feature enables users to skip with ease by gesture and also during the beta test of the feature for some users (v11.47.55), it was reported that the gesture feature caused instability of the YouTube app and after some minor tweaks and update, the gesture is now made  available  public. The feature was  rolled out with latest build of YouTube version 12.03 which fixed all bugs and optimisation of app in gesture support.

This new feature works well in normal and full screen views. The advanced gesture enables viewers to seek with accuracy  and its suitable for both large and medium sized screen size smartphones. If you want to experience this cool gesture feature offered by Google make sure u have the YouTube app that is up-to-date.