Top 5 Screen Mirroring Apps for Android


Both eyes of this generation are concentrated into the smaller screens of smartphones, from 4 to 6 inches. But some of you have even thought once a while for mirroring your smartphone screen into the larger screens of your desktop computers. This article discusses the list of the top 5 screen mirroring apps for Android. If you are tired of searching the greatest Apps for casting your small screens into larger screens to get awesome experiences and for some troubleshooting, here are top rated and most user-friendly Apps for screen mirroring. You can access ’em from anywhere in this world through Network.

Best Screen Mirroring apps for Android

Before we do go deeper into the context, let us explain the concept of screen mirroring or screencasting apps. Screen Mirroring Feature has been available in Android Operating System from a little while ago. But, neither stock nor the OEM Customized versions of Android never did have a dedicated setting or app for screening the entire smartphone screen into bigger screens, unlike Apple Airplay for iPhone users. The screen mirroring technology is not just like extending the smartphone power to turn it into a PC like Microsoft Continuum or Samsung DeX. It just shows the mirror version of your smartphone screen into the bigger screens (PC/TV). It can really help you to troubleshoot screen/resolution based flaws, app compatibility issues, playing games by seeing on big screen and even watching movies on a smartphone via a large display.



MirrorGo is one of the most top rated Screen Mirroring App in Google Play Store, from WonderShare Softwares; developers of FilmoraGo video editor. App mirror access is working based on the MirrorGo apps installed on both Smartphone and PC, and to be accessed from local networks only. The app has just born to v1.0 but has some better features. You can connect the smartphone to the PC either via WI-Fi or just directly through the USB Data Cable. After connecting the smartphone, you can see the complete device interface on a computer, and can be controlled using the mouse from the PC itself.

  • Showing smartphone screen as larger on PC.
  • Use Keyboard and Mouse to control the smartphone.
  •  Can control and play games on the larger screen.
  • Capture, record and share feature.
  • Notification mirroring on PC.
  • Messages through phone can be typed and sent from the PC Keyboard.
  • File Syncing between Smartphone and PC.
  • Smartphone shaped mirroring window.


Here are the steps to use MirrorGo

  1. Install MirrorGo on Android device.
  2. Install MirrorGo on PC.
  3. Connect both Phone and PC via either USB or Wi-Fi.

[appbox googleplay com.wondershare.mirrorgo]

2. ScreenMeet Mobile Screen Share

ScreenMeet is a simple screen mirroring app, with no controls. We can see only the mirroring of smartphone screen in the browser from the correspondent username URL. And we should control it from smartphone itself. Unlike the MirrorGo, the ScreenMeet is just a mirroring app cast via a network (Wi-Fi and Internet) and no control privilege is granted. Users can just see the device screen mirroring to the Browser real-time.


  • Can be used for viewing movies/Games in larger screen
  • Presentation slides in any Marketing conferences.
  • Easily sharing the screen with friends.
  • Access screen remotely from anywhere in the world.


[appbox googleplay com.projector.screenmeet]

3. Screen Stream Mirroring Free

Screen Stream is also working similar to the ScreenMeet, but have more facilities. It works only on Local networks, streaming via local IP Addresses. Screen Stream does not support remote network streaming, whereas it works only under local network setup and the real-time screencast can be seen via Network Streaming supported Browser (VLC, KM Player, etc.) or just via a browser. The phone app GUI has several Ads which are little annoying.

screen stream

  • Casting on Web Browsers.
  • Towards Media Players.
  • Broadcasting on YouTube, Twitch, etc.
  • Share to ChromeCast.
  • Internal+Microphone audio streaming.
  • Works over any type (Wi-Fi, BlueTooth, USB) of local network tetherings.
  • Multiple people can connect at a time.
  • Unlimited options and Adfree on Pro Version.

Rating :

[appbox googleplay com.mobzapp.screenstream.trial]

4. Join.Me is a simplest, professional level screen sharing Application for Android devices. It does not need any extra installations on PC. Type the username URL of the conference team, which you are supposed to join in a browser and hit enter. You may be asked to type name and you’re in after they have go approved you. Simply, the app works like a TeamViewer for Android devices, but cannot be controlled remotely by every users.

  • In-meeting chats and calls, with whole team or individuals.
  • VoIP Calling feature.
  • Zooming feature on mirrored screen.
  • See the attendees.
  • Lock/Unlock the meeting for extra security.

Rate :

[appbox googleplay com.logmein.joinme]

5. Live Screen – Screen Mirroring


Live Screen is also a simplest designed live screen cast app on local networks via Browsers. After conncting both the smartphone ad PC to the same network, we can trigger the screen mirroring to the PC using the app on the handset. Later, we need to enter a local IP Address to the Address Bar of the Browser in system.
Rate :

[appbox googleplay]


We have selected these Apps based on our usage experiences and user reviews on Google Play Store. At last, we have decided to ‘award’ the best screen mirroring, casting and remote conrolling app for Android badge to Wondershare MirrorGo. There are plenty of apps available in Google Play Store right now, but this article encloses the best among them. So you can have no dilemma regarding the Screen Mirroring App for Android which you are searching for.

If you find any other apps better than ones mentioned above, feel free to let us know about the stunning one you just have found; via the comment box below.



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