Rick Osterloh Confirms that Google Pixel 2 Will Arrive Later This Year

We have seen some rumors about the second version of the Google’s Pixel series of devices. But it was a super-premium device with very high price. So the tech world was waiting for a midrange version of the Google Pixel. But now, we got an official confirmation from Rick Osterloh of Google which confirms the availability of the Pixel 2. According to him, ┬áit will be a premium device and will arrive later this year.

He refuted all claims of the affordable Pixel device. So, the upcoming Pixel 2 will be a costly one like the predecessor. Talking to the Eric Hermann of Android Pit, Rick said that it would arrive this year. But he didn’t say anything about the month of availability. When observing the trend, we can assume that Google will follow the same launch pattern of the Apple. So, let’s expect the device for an October launch like the Google Pixel device. At the same time, there are many leaks which say that the Pixel 2 will cost more than the first Pixel device.

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