Nintendo plans to release two or three mobile games per year

Nintendo, one of the major leader in Video Game platform, have been on the ledge of forgetness, but even today’s kid remembers them by their latest addictive game like Super Mario Run and gaming consoles like Nintendo Switch.  Nintendo has quoted today that they are planning to release two or three mobile games per year. It was proclaimed after the publishing of their 2016 Earnings Report, which treated the Super Mario Run’s victory and the delay of upcoming Animal Crossing game platformed on mobiles.

The company has initially released their game Super Mario Run on iOS platforms and promised to launch it soon on Android platform, has already started pre-registers too.
Two or three games are not enough investment from a company like Nintendo. Also, we must consider their experience in developing games for mobile. Even though they are focusing on the launch of new Gaming Console Nintendo Switch arriving in March, they have plans on mobile platforms too.

Also, they had revealed that more than a hundred games are in development for Nintendo Switch.