New features coming to Google Photos app; you can now archive photos

At Google I/O 2017, Google announced that they would bring so many new features and advanced capabilities to their photo storage platform Google Photos. As promised, they have already started testing new features such as smart sharing and face detection etc. Now, Google Photos app is showing a new feature for the Android users.


The Google Photos app now suggests to archive photos in the app. You can now try out the newly introduced photo archiving feature. The suggestion will appear as a card within the app itself. If you select the option to review the suggestion, you would be able to test the archive feature. Google will identify photos using their newly introduced machine learning system and will suggest users to archive them accordingly.

According to Google, many more features are coming soon to the Google Photos app. You will see a lot of new features in the app before the end of 2017. They are now testing the smart sharing feature and asking users to identify themselves from the group of photos. Anyway it is good to see Google is working hard on it to make it better.