Netflix no longer available for the rooted Android devices

Finally, Netflix officially announced the reason for the issue with app download on rooted Android devices. And it is not a good news. Because Netflix is no longer available for the rooted Android devices. If you are trying to download Netflix on a rooted Android device, it will detect the root status of the device and will prevent you from installing the app.

For this, Netflix has a strong reason. Recently many of the users have started using Netflix services without paying for the subscription. How? They downloaded the app on rooted phones and patched it with some tools like lucky patcher to enjoy the services without paying. As you know, in a competitive world, Netflix can’t survive without issuing paid subscription. So the increasing number of cracked users inhibits their growth. So they decided to restrict the access for rooted devices.

Official statement:

With our latest 5.0 release, we now fully rely on the Widevine DRM provided by Google; therefore, many devices that are not Google-certified or have been altered will no longer work with our latest app and those users will no longer see the Netflix app in the Play Store.

We can’t blame Netflix for this limitation. Because their business runs on the subscriptions. So they have to protect their services from being misused. If you are interested in grabbing a Netflix subscription, head over to this link and grab one.