Gboard got new updates today, with cool features

Google’s one of the best featured keyboard Gboard got some cool features through the update rolled out today. Gboard provides best ways to navigate-through the phone with integrated Google Search and powered with advanced artificial intelligence.

We all know that Google is working in Artificial Intelligence.Here are the positive signs of their innovations,now integrated in Gboard. The new keyboard has the ability to identify hand-drawn emoji. Also now there is not only word prediction, the whole phrase is predicted by the keyboard. Gboard will trace the path of the motion of our fingers and transforms it into right emoji.

The AI advances also helped in improving the Gboard’s Natural language identification. As a result, the new prediction will produce an absolute phrase needed to succeed the previous words. The old versions were only able to suggest possible words using predictive engines, but now this is a notable improvement.

Google says that the new Gboard can also link the search results with Google’s apps like YouTube and Maps, when appropriate. Also they added support for more languages – suggestions and gesture now supports Azerbaijani (Iran), Dhivehi, French (Belgium), Hawaiian, Maori, and Samoan.Along with new languages Dzongkha, Ewe, Navajo, Tsonga, and K’iche’. However, the AI assisted features are not yet ready to serve these languages.

These advances are made through advances in Artificial intelligence. The AI powered predictions and native language identifications makes the Gboard to its best. Google’s keyboard is evolving much faster and better with the update rolled out today. Hope changes will be applied to iOS soon.