Does this game reveal the official name for Android O?

Google’s Android OS is currently being widespread on almost 80% of the smartphone users worldwide, and Google still keeping it developing more day by day with their each rollout. The Android OS is currently on version 7.0 named Nougat, hitting many smartphones. Even the Nougat is not widely reached, the smartphone world is still stalking after the next version of Android, starting with the letter ‘O’. Recently a Google employee took over the twitter with his tweet tipping that next Android version would be named as Oreo.

Does this game reveal the official name for Android O? 2

Now, the Oreo cookie manufacturers Mondelez International has launched an online browser game for smartphones named “Oreo Dunk Challenge”. Interestingly, the developing partner of the game is Google. The game is particularly made for the promotion of their product Oreo cookies, but the Google’s partnership reveals some hint about the nomenclature¬†of upcoming Android 8.0 O, probably Oreo itself.

Does this game reveal the official name for Android O? 3

The game actually uses Google’s earth services and many features to make a better gaming experience, it’s just simple as “Twist, Dunk, Lick”, but literally dunk is enough. It is the virtual version for the “dunk and eat” practice of having Oreo, as they shown in their ads. You can play the game from here.

This could be the prerequisite movement from Google to make a better bonding with Oreo manufacturers, in order to make its name their next Android version. Let’s hopefully wait for this “easy-t-say” name ‘Oreo’, to be the next version of Android. As the company did in last year, there could be on open voting regarding the naming of Android O too, but we already have seen that it didn’t make any sense.