Cortana for Android updated with improved UI

Microsoft’s personal Assitant App Cortana on Android platform is way better and intelligent than other AI-based personal assistant, even Google Now. Now the Indian version of the Cortana app has been updated from Playstore with new features. The App is currently not released in India but in Beta stage. The App is named as COA Preview, instead of “Cortana” in the Indian version of the store.

The Changelog for the new update of Cortana for Android in India is here:

  • An improved UI and faster performing app
  • Creation of new accout using phone number and SMS code
  • Improved location detection

The UI improvement includes new speech recognition window, account settings, removal of hamburger menu and color changes. The App now supports four color options  – Violet, Blue, Green and Dark Grey (or black). You can have a better experience with new Cortana app now.

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