The basics of OCR and how it can boost productivity

OCR is relatively new technology but it has been used for quite some time now. If you haven’t been familiarized with it by now you probably lost out on a lot of great opportunities to cut your work short and double your results at the same time. This must be a bit confusing for you if you’ve never encountered OCR before so let’s take it slow and see what OCR is.

What is OCR

OCR is a form of file manipulation software that can help you extract written text out of any type of file like images for example. There have been many different services that offer OCR in the last period of time, such as The large variation comes from the fact that this software is easy to use and thus anyone can benefit from its perks.

How does OCR function

It might sound a bit complicated but in reality, OCR actually is really easy to use and the principle behind it is also fairly easy to follow. Let’s first take a look at how this type of software is used and then we’ll also take a look at what makes it work.

When using OCR, users only need to acquire the text that they want to retrieve text out of and scan it. Simple as that, it only requires that you get the image or PDF page in question. If there’s uneditable text on it, OCR tech will help you make it editable. Furthermore, the process only takes a couple of moments after which you are able to do as you please with your new editable text.

When it comes to what makes OCR work, it’s even simpler. Basically, the software goes back to the original principles of how letters are created. Each letter is universally acknowledged throughout the world by specific strokes and lines. This means that people from different countries are able to recognize the same letter. The same principle is used here as OCR looks for the predetermined combinations of lines and strokes in every single custom font and handwriting that it scans. Once these letters are found the text is created based upon the one in the image. It’s rather simple but incredibly effective.

How popular is OCR

OCR is rather popular these days but not as popular as it should be. Not enough people know about OCR and what it can do and as a result, they struggle to reproduce text content without knowing that there is an infinitely easier solution out there, just waiting. So that being said, you can get started using OCR today and make your life a lot easier every time you run into an image that has text in it which you would like to edit or store for safe keeping.