Asus launched a New PowerMaster app for Zenfone 3 Max Series

ASUS introduced their advanced innovation in battery extending technology, Power master app for Zenfone 3 Max series with 9 battery enhancing technologies categorized into user’s lifestyle.


Extends the Lifespan of battery- Increases the lifespan of the battery by charging up the phone intelligently. Decreases the loss of capacity from 15% to 7% which is as much great. Also the app is capable of closing each and every background apps after a long term of usage, which increases the battery life at the most.

Increased Customizable capability- App gives the user ability to select mostly using apps or the ones to be started up automatically in the background. Also contained with five battery modes to flow with the user’s lifestyle, with two smart switches helps in conserving the charge of the battery to a great extent.

Safety enhancements- Technology offers charging up the battery with releasing minimal heat, along with Temperature Protection and Short Circuit Protection. Here, Zenfone batteries will stay a step up in safety among others.

ASUS has got a fabulous success in releasing Zenfone Max series in India. After that, ASUS, leading in mobile technology, introduced a new software upgrade through FOTA to their Zenfone Max series. The Power Master app, a battery maintenance upgrade with 9 massive technologies onboard, combined with a set of intelligent ways to keep up the battery life and charge. Having the best power saving modes and smart switches, PowerMaster app allows the user to select their convenient presets to suit their Zenfone’s use according to the battery life. It ensures the Zenfone to have a better battery performance than now.

At the launch of the PowerMaster App, the regional head of ASUS India said: “with the PowerMaster app, users can now not only extend the battery life, but also benefit from the different technologies provided to increase the smartphone’s overall efficiency.

The Nine Massive Battery Extending Technologies

2x Lifespan- By turning on 2X lifespan mode, the PowerMaster app will support charging the phone more intelligently. Also decreases the normal loss of capacity to 7 % as well.

Reverse Charge- a very useful feature is that, the Zenfone 3 Max itself can charge another device by connecting USB OTG to the USB cable connected in the charge availing device.

Scan- Scan mode analyses the phone ant give better optimization options to the user to select.

The Auto Start- A start up manager allows the user to select start-up apps that the user really needed. This will increase the ratio of battery performance with apps, by reducing unnecessary wastage of charge.

Battery Modes- Offers a range of battery modes and two Smart Switches, allows saving battery intelligently. The Five Battery Modes are Performance Mode, Normal Mode, Power saving Mode, Super saving Mode, and Customized Mode, that for convenient user settings. Smart Switches: Switch by battery and Switch by Schedule.

Boost: This is that feature which clears up the background apps after a long term of usage sessions. This will keep up the memory free and restricts the processing of unnecessary apps.

Power Safe- Zenfone batteries uses the most advanced battery technologies to be safer. Includes, Temperature protection, Short Circuit protection, Reset protection, I/O Over-voltage and Over-Current protection, Battery TCO protection and Charger Protection for making a safe feel over the users.

Last Longer- Last longer feature enables displaying options that allow the users to optimize the battery by denying auto startup of apps, detect battery draining apps, and clean apps in standby mode. Also quick toggles to help with conservation.

Battery Usage- The Battery Usage feature shows a statistic details about the usage of battery in sessions per charge.

The upgrade is available for all devices in the range of Zenfone 3 Max series through a FOTA update, already been rolled out. The PowerMaster app is also available for older Zenfone Max series smartphones.