Top 3 Determinants of the Vape You Should Buy

One of the most confusing things to transiting smokers is the vape they should go. Of course, that’s a major issue that every newbie beginner is expected to crack to come out of the bondage and slavery of smoking. It even becomes more complicated one because of the many e-cigs in the market and second because this is a totally new habit for them.

Why You Need These Determinants

Our millennial market has everything you are looking for including a false college certificate. That means there are fake e-cigs being advertised over the internet and all over the market promising heaven but in the real sense, they deliver zero results. That puts some task on the new vaper to carry out more research in order to get a reliable seller who sells genuine products.

In your search for the best vape, there are 3 major factors that you should look into. This will help you choose your best vape from a variety of starter kits in the market. When things get worst and you are really confused about where to start, then you can consult a vape friendly specialist or counsellor to give you some suggestions. Here are the determinants.

3 Determinants of the Vape to Purchase

  • The nicotine Strength

This is very crucial to every smoker who was used to taking a large number of cigarettes. When you have already switched to e-cigs, but you are taking more cigs daily, it should tell you that the nicotine level you are taking is low. You need to boost it by adding more nicotine.

The question of what vape should I buy should not be a huge concern as the number of cigarettes you used to take should tell you how much you need. Buy a vape kit that can accommodate a high level of nicotine that your body needs.

  • Cost

So what vape should I buy? Buy a vape kit that you are able to maintain. Vaping requires some maintenance. You will need to keep changing batteries and to add more e-liquid when it elapses. If you buy a much costly kit, you might end up going back to smoking which you are trying to avoid. Buy a simple vape that you are able to maintain.

  • The Flavor of the e-cig

There is no specific e-cig brand for everyone across the globe. Just as you don’t use any brand of cigarette and you have your favorite, the same case applies to e-cig. When starting to vape, you might end up frustrated especially when you test view different e-cigs that are not in accordance with your taste and preference. However, you should not give up, keep trying and one day you will land to your favorite e-cig. What vape should I buy? Buy the one that suits your flavor.


The above 3 factors are major in determining the vape kit you are going to be using until you drop the habit of smoking and vaping. Remember, you should not hype, just take things slowly so that your body can easily adjust.

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