The French Government has now approved the Ledger’s Nano S Wallet


The leaders in the production of hardware wallets for cryptocurrencies, Ledger, have added another new feature to their overall company portfolio. The Nano S wallet being approved by the National Cybersecurity Agency of France is indeed a proud thing for the company. If you want, you can read about the Ledger Nano S review. This makes the Nano S wallet built by Ledger, the one and only crypto wallet in the world, to be approved by the cybersecurity agency of a country and also the best bitcoin wallet as well.

This certification has really eased the company’s operations, and also comes as a relief for the company as well. This is because, the certification has come at a time when the company has been riddled in a controversy that includes the loss of internal storage, due to a firmware update. The controversy had risen so much, that the cryptocurrency community even asked people to boycott the products of Ledger as well. The community was accusing the company os intentionally reducing the storage capacity, which was just before the launch of Ledger’s new product – thereby forcing the users to upgrade. The company came out with an apology that the mistake was indeed an honest one, and therefore it is looking to resolve the issue at the earliest.

This certification will surely boost the morale of the company’s employees, even after receiving various accusations from the cryptocurrency community. ANSSI, which is the French cybersecurity arm, has certified the wallet with its first level certification. The news was reported after the company’s Nano S wallet was listed on the government’s website, along with other 121 products as well.

The criteria for certification

Almost 261 products were up for certification, and there were a number of cybersecurity tests that were applied as well. The cybersecurity lab started its array of security tests starting from June 1st, 2018. The devices are put under cyber threats and therefore checked how well the device is able to surpass and also withstand such threats as well. These tests include identification, firewall, authentication and also access, secure communications, embedded software techniques, etcetera.

This is indeed the first time when a product that is related to cryptocurrency has received a security certification. This news will definitely boost public confidence towards the products developed by Ledger, for doing transactions on the best bitcoin exchange. The company also maintains a lab of their own as well, where a lot of testing is done, under various circumstances – which is also known as internal testing. The company also pushes its own products through a lot of vulnerability tests and checks, so that it can withstand any kind of real world-cybersecurity threats as well. The company, after receiving the certification, is also planning to get all of their other devices certified as well – which will also make other product makers in the market follow suit as well. This will in turn make the cryptocurrency market – a much more trustable platform as well.

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