The Best Billing and Invoicing App for 2020


f you are a business owner, then you need the best billing and invoicing apps for yourself. As a businessman, it is very important, and you would know how crucial it is to simply make sure that your client is paying his/her bills on time, and there is no problem in maintaining the accounts or the books for that matter. Now manually updating the books and creating invoices can be difficult as they are not as easy as they sound like, they can cost you a lot of money, time and there is always a chance that you can end up wasting money because of the errors and lack of knowledge about maintaining accounts. Today, we are going to talk about this issue in detail.

Luckily because of the advanced technology, you don’t have to worry about this issue anymore as there are a lot of applications that you can use that can take care of this problem. You don’t have to worry about finding the best billing or invoicing software tools or apps on the web, as today, we have listed all of the top-ranked applications that are available on the web. Below is the list of the apps and tools that you can use as your top picks for designing and creating invoices and bills for your customers!


Now the first application that you should know about is known as Fresh books, and now this is an app that offers you a very well-rounded, intuitive, attractive, and very reliable service. Now, this application can help you in maintaining double-entry accounts; these accounts can help you in supporting invoices, estimates, projects, expenses, and other time tracking projects. This app/tool can help not only businessmen but can also help freelancers and small ventures in anticipating their needs. This app is a lot better than its competitors.

ZOHO invoice!

Now, this is an application that can help small businesses in specifications. This app/tool provides a very versatile solution to billings and invoices, and you should know that this is a standalone app that can help you in integrating the ecosystem of business, you can make invoices and estimates as per products and services. You can create customized templates and invoices with the help of this app, and the best part is that you can cater to multi-currency billing on a global basis. This tool also has the timesheet features that can help you maintain and track records of payments!

XERO invoice maker!

The Xero invoice maker app is one of the most affordable apps on the web, and this app has attractive dashboards and inventory tracking systems. With this app, you can simply help yourself with new report filters, exciting template designs, and inventory quotations. Now this small business invoice making an application can easily help you in account reconciliation, data imports, management of your inventory, and tracking of projects and meeting deadlines. People with small businesses can easily use this app in any device they use.


Wave is a free invoice maker application that can help you in going through your payments, reminding payroll incurs, and in transaction management. You guys should know that this application for invoice makers allows you the best smart feature application that is very useful for small businesses. The application provides you with the best user-interface and navigation features; with the assistance of this application, you can easily cater to multiple currency transactions and also get instant payouts from your clients. You can use this application on both your computer system and mobile phones. 

Invoice maker- C.A apps!

The invoice maker app by the C.A. is also one of the most top rated applications available on the web, and this application is known by many names on the web, some of them are estimate generator, invoice creator, receipt maker, and bill maker app! Now, this application is actually the combination of different services, and that is why it is one of the most versatile and loved tools on the web, the easy use of the tool makes it accessible to not only top-class businessmen but also to small ventures and freelancers. Any person who needs to track their income, expenses, and wants to create invoices for customers can use this application. With this application, you can make different invoices by using different template designs available with the tool.

The tool helps you by reminding the due payments that you have to receive or have to make and will also help you in tracking the timeline! We want you guys to know that this tool has the best virtual assistant feature that can help you maintain all your accounts and profits/losses! You can easily rely on this feature of the tool and get rid of any accountant that you are paying to keep your books!

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