Importance of Location Tracker in a Fleet Management System


If you own a fleet management system, then getting a location tracking device can provide you a pivotal edge over your competitors. It is a device that lets you monitor the location of the vehicle and the route traveled.

Subsequently, investing in a location tracker will help you control your staff, keep track of your inventory, and ensure that your products and services are delivered on time. Let’s have a more in-depth look to understand the importance of location trackers in a fleet management system.

Improve Fleet Operations 

A location tracker helps in real-time decision making, and it also enhances the accountability of drivers and assets. It aids in keeping track of fleet vehicle activity. You no longer need to rely on driver log sheets, service forms, and truck maintenance records. Instant access to vehicle performance and information on driver productivity can help you control the costs of fleet operations better. 

Reduce Fuel Costs

According to the study, it has been said that fleet vehicles can waste gallons of fuels per year because of unnecessary idling. Poor driving behavior, such as over speeding and unnecessary wasting of fuel, can be identified with a fleet location tracking system.  With the help of the location tracker, you can playback the route traveled by vehicle. It also assists in letting you know whether your driver is attempting to pilferage the consignment by taking a detour. Each additional mile that you reduce will decrease your carbon footprint, as well.

Prevent Unauthorized Use of Vehicle

With real-time data recorded by a location tracker, you can be detected and monitor unauthorized, and after-hours use of fleet management vehicles. The cessation of unauthorized use of vehicles will also reduce the malicious use of fuel. This further helps in preventing delayed pickup and delivery of consignment, since you have a record of the amount of fuel consumed.

Helps in Record Keeping 

A location tracking device for fleet management takes record keeping to a whole new level. All data related to the fleet activities are registered and can easily be monitored. You can verify service intervals for vehicles, track drop-off locations, and routes used. Along with these things, you can also keep in check the employee hours and record the vehicles’ mileage. During strategic preparation and an audit, this data is valuable. 

Increase Employee Safety 

Location trackers help to automate record-keeping, improving driver safety and productivity. You can access critical information about the driver’s behavior, such as detours, excessive idling, and much more. With the help of this data, you can contribute towards the betterment of your services. The location tracking system’s information can be used to notify emergency assistance in the event of an unlikely mishap. 

Take Security a Level Up with KENT Cam-Eye

In the present time, it is essential to take critical measures to secure your vehicles at fleet management. You need to install a device that offers 360-degree protection to the fleet vehicles. You require a device that records clear video of what’s happening inside and outside the vehicle while providing real-time alerts for instances like over speeding and vehicle falling in the wrong hands. With so many location trackers available in the market, choosing the right one is a task that needs thorough research.

CamEye, from the house of KENT, is a first-of-its-kind vehicle safety system for the fleet management services with a 120-degree FOV 720p dual camera. The light sensors allow night mode with infrared LEDs. It also allows the camera to record high-quality videos from inside and outside the vehicle even when it is dark.  It is entirely Made in India that comes with features that make it a useful device for fleet management service provider.

The smart alerts of this device will let you know when the driver attempts to blackout, reboot, or unplug the system. The 3000 mAh battery lasts about 24 hours, although 90 days of stable storage of cloud data keeps all recorded videos safe for viewing at any time. So, book a free demo right away for the sales guy to visit your home and explain all the features in detail. Alternatively, you can purchase this vehicle locator online from it’s official website.


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