A Miami Realtor Who is Taking Tech Seriously


Technology is disrupting various types of industries all over the world. This is why real estate cannot be further be left behind in the technology department and even the real estate agents are already using non-traditional ways of finding a prospect. With the help of the internet, the finding properties never have been so much easier. It has taken most of the footwork out of the equation. Nowadays, almost 70 per cent of the real estate prospects are obtained digitally via consultancy mainly.

This is why prominent Miami realtor named Eddie La Rosa, is taking technology very seriously as a part of his job, in order to bring him more success. He has been working as a realtor at the EWM Realty International company for almost 10 years, starting in 2009. Eddie has seen how the industry has improved over the years with the help of technology and how it is still evolving from day to day as well. Feeding and obtaining information about deals and bids into the central company server has been much easier. Technology also allows in meeting customer requirements easily and track sales figures more efficiently too.

Eddie La Rosa feels that with the help of technology, human work will become less of a hassle in the real estate market for most realtors out there. Due of the rise of technologies like digital signature and digital payments – transferring properties and payments is done in just a jiffy. This will give other benefits such as any kind of fraud elimination and also help in boosting tax revenues for the government. Process like this also help in avoiding property disputes and eliminates the storage for any kind of physical document as well. These are some of the many reasons, why realtors like Eddie La Rosa is not avoiding technology and its deep advantages.

Furthermore, as the time will go by, more realtors will start using the technology in their work and implement the benefits and pass it onto their clients or customers. This will lead to increased overall reputation and customer trust – the place where Eddie La Rosa has highly been successful. All of Miami, Florida, knows his name and how well he does business as well. There is no such doubt in that at all. The methods that Eddie uses makes the real estate sector more transparent and much more buyer friendly as well too, without a doubt.

Real estate business will never be the same, after implementation of techniques like these on a mass scale infrastructure. If more realtors take steps like these, then the real estate business will grow more in the right direction. Prospective buyers will be more interested in dealing with realtors with an open mind, and there will be less resistance, confusion and misinterpretation between all of these. Hopefully, Eddie La Rosa will help in igniting the revolution in a much better way and therefore also speed up the process too as well.

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