5 Hosting Options For Your Brand New Website


All types of organizations need a website. As a developer, you have the technological skills needed to create a top-notch brand new website. You can transition a client from using a simple social media page to a uniquely branded online platform. However, your main struggle revolves around choosing the best hosting option for your new site. After all, you cannot truly succeed if you do not have the necessary resources and requirements for a quality user experience. Continue reading to discover the best hosting options for your new website.

Shared Web Hosting

One of the most popular hosting options for brand new websites is shared web hosting. Many developers choose this server type for new websites because of its price. Unlike other options on this list, shared web hosting is fairly inexpensive. Services keep prices low by allowing users to share server costs with one another. If you choose to invest in shared web hosting, your site will function on the same server as many other sites. For this reason, some functions of your site may be slower than if you were to purchase another hosting option. Opt for shared web hosting if you want to stick to your budget and still get a quality hosting experience.

VPS Hosting

Virtual Private Server hosting, also known as VPS hosting, is another popular hosting option. Upon choosing this option, you gain additional resource opportunities that you do not have with shared hosting. For instance, you can implement Random Access Memory (RAM) requirements. This is possible through a technique similar to that of shared hosting. With VPS hosting, you share a server with other sites. The difference is that VPS hosting guarantees users their own resources like RAM. You do not have to share them with the other server users like you would with shared hosting. Pick VPS hosting if you want an upgraded version of shared hosting, but still want to stick to your new website budget.

WordPress Hosting

Developers who prefer complete flexibility over their sites choose WordPress hosting for their brand new websites. A WordPress web hosting package offersan advanced, easy to use panel to manage any type of website. For example, developers build full scale e-commerce sites on WordPress. Others maintain high traffic blogs with millions of visitors. This range is possible because of the customizable features WordPress hosting offers. With this hosting option, the server is specifically optimized for WordPress security and performance. As a result, you have total flexibility to start and manage a new website.

Dedicated Server Hosting

Similarly, developers also benefit from using dedicated server hosting. Like WordPress hosting, dedicated server hosting entails a lot of control for the developer. When you invest in dedicated server hosting, you rent a whole server. Since your site would be the only one operating on the server, your site would function much more efficiently. Speed will increase when you do not share a server’s power with other sites. Your site’s security would also improve because your site is not as vulnerable when it is not on the same server as others. Unfortunately, these upgrades come at a higher price. If you are not on a tight budget and want the best quality hosting option for your brand new website, choose dedicated server hosting.

Reseller Web Hosting

Moreover, consider reseller web hosting for your brand new website. Reseller web hosting services provide tools that allow developers to resell hosting space. Such tools include more control panel functions. Another available tool is billing software. This tool is especially useful for tech professionals who are building e-commerce sites. They can easily generate invoices and, thus, obtain their earnings quicker with such a tool. Reseller web hosting also offers website templates for free. You can accelerate your website building process with such templates at no extra cost. If you want a money-efficient way to host your brand new website, look to reseller web hosting as an option.

Before you can successfully launch your brand new website, you need to choose a hosting option that meets your needs. If you are looking for the least expensive option, choose shared web hosting. VPS hosting allows developers to stick to their budgets, but provides a handful of upgrades. Developers who desire full control over their websites use WordPress hosting. Dedicated server hosting also provides a substantial amount of control through renting an entire server. Finally, reseller web hosting permits hosting space reselling and offers advantageous tools. Choose from these best hosting options for your brand new website.

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