4 Car Rental Apps You Need to Know



You need to simplify your car renting process. But, how do I make it simple? By downloading the best car rental apps, you will fully ease car renting procedures. You don’t need to fill forms or go to their offices so as to reserve a car of your choice. But by only a few clicks on your smartphone, you are able to do all that. It won’t take the whole day or you will not be in a line waiting for your turn.

I know you are eager to learn about them. Then the following are the best car rental apps you need to know.

Hertz Car Rental

This is an American car rental company located in Estero, Florida. It was founded by Walter L. Jacobs. Hertz works in more than 150 countries globally with over 9,700 locations. Back in the days, this company was known as Rent-a-Car Inc. and it was located in Chicago. Walter later sold his company to John Hertz but was the president of the company. However, what are the key things that simplify your car renting process when you use Hertz?


Hertz has the best features for any person those who are used to car renting or new to car renting. The features include:

  •    You can contact emergency roadside assistance if need be.
  •    You are able to book a car at any of the 9,700 locations globally
  •    You are able to get discounts
  •    You have the ability to cancel, modify, or view your current booking
  •    If you are a member of Hertz Gold Plus Reward you can use your points to reserve for a car instantly.


  •    Very easy to use and quick
  •    Their service is great
  •    You can select any language in any country
  •    It’s a decent application
  •    Saves on your time and is user-friendly


  •    The app has frequent delays
  •    Very hard to navigate
  •    The language sometimes changes without notifying you


This is a car renting company that was started in 2009 by Elliot Kroo, Sam Zaid, and Jessica Scorpio in San Francisco, California. However, it became a public franchise in 2011. But this car renting company only works in the US in the following states:

  •    Washington D.C.
  •    New Jersey
  •    Boston
  •    Chicago
  •    Portland
  •    San Francisco Bay Area
  •    Seattle

So, if you are in these states you are able to access their effective and efficient services.


  •    You can rent a car of your choice and its insured.
  •    You can categorize the cars according to type or make this simplifies your work
  •    You can extend your trip with no much hassles
  •    You can unlock your car directly from your app


  •    The app is convenient because you can filter the cars by price, model, and more
  •    They have a great customer service.
  •    Very easy to use
  •    It is economical and steadfast


  •    Has some hidden fees
  •    You need to have a Facebook account in order to use it
  •    The app is full of bugs


Zipcar is a car rental company that was found in 2000 by Antje Danielson and Robin Chase. It is based in Boston, Massachusetts. Zipcar is located in nine countries Canada, France, US, Belgium, UK, and Spain. In addition, they specifically serve people in 500 towns and colleges. For easy booking, you can download their app and easily reserve a car of your choice.


  •    You can lock and unlock your Zipcar
  •    Receive the directions to your Zipcar
  •    You can see your forthcoming bookings
  •    Easily locate your Zipcar by honking its horn
  •    You can speak to the friendly customer service
  •    You can choose from a variety of cars


  •    It is a flexible app due to its short and medium rides
  •    A great customer services
  •    Quick to access the app
  •    Easy to use and convenient


  •    The app provides inappropriate pricing
  •    It is too expensive
  •    The app sometimes has hitches


When you are looking to rent a car for when traveling then EasyRentCars is the best choice for you. The only thing you need is to download the app and start reserving a car for your trip. It works all over the globe and there is no need for worry when booking. You don’t need to do paperwork so as to complete the reservation process.


  •    Has price drop protector
  •    Easy, fast and rich filter during reservations
  •    Low price
  •    You may get offers especially during summer
  •    You can choose from a variety of cars


  •    Low prices
  •    Easy to use
  •    Has a very responsive customer service team
  •    Quick and transparent when reserving a car


  •    The date and time keep changing always
  •    Doesn’t work in some locations

Final Verdict

If you are planning for a trip and you need to get a car that will take you to the place you desire then the above apps are the best for you. Just try these car rental apps and you will have the best car renting experience.

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